My hair style/colour changes a lot. 

Soooo, a bit about me. Feels awkward! Well I am a photographer of children, families and a couple of years ago I added weddings to that list and I couldn't be happier about it. 

I live with my husband, my two beautiful girls, our blue cat, Otis and our black and tan Chihuahua, Louie. 

I love golden light and making photographs.  I also love new PJ’s, red wine, lip stick and strong cheese. I love cheesy TV too, like the X Factor. I love to cook but am also partial to a Chinese takeaway. I love candles but am fussy on scent. I love to holiday but I'm not sure if that’s because it makes me more appreciative of home when I return…the best place I've been to is New York. I can't wait to go back and take the Girls. 

I love the autumn and the colours it brings but Christmas tops it for me. I love decorating the Christmas tree, love Christmas Dinner and I like watching Christmas films early...early early.  

 I hate having my own photo taken (who doesn't really).

I haven’t always been a photographer, I used to work in mortgages and although I didn't love it, I met some great people and had a blast. That was until I had kids and found a passion for taking endless pictures of them (they have gotten a lot less tolerant of this as they have gotten older!) and it’s kind of progressed from there really. I'm so happy to be able to do something I love. I know I am very lucky and I still get excited every time I book a shoot.  I love sitting at my computer for hours in my new PJ's with a glass of wine editing pictures, eating cheese.  ;) 

My style is a little bit of reportage, I like to shoot your wedding as it happens but in the most beautiful way possible taking some time out for some private couple portraits too.  I want you to be you, I want your kids to run about and be kids. Some of the most striking images come from when the kids are not smiling and the most heart felt wedding pictures come from when a Bride and Groom subtly enjoying a moment together.