Here you should find the answers to your questions. How the session will work, what prep you can do and what you should wear to help me make your images as good as they can possibly be. Oh and the prices.

Prices include session time and your images, artistically edited and available to download from a private online gallery (here), straight to your computer with print and sharing rights. 

£175.00 for Weekends and Weekdays

Newborn sessions will be carried out in your home. I bring no back drops, no big lights, just me, my eye, and good equipment. Ill use the natural light in your home whenever possible.
I know from experience that babies can sleep though anything when they are new! So the fresher, the better! I prefer to have a natural session, there will be some poses that we can manipulate a co-operative baby into, but the focus is on baby and all things new. I definitely won't be trying to capture your tiny newborn with their head in their hands! 
I will capture baby alone, sleeping, with siblings and a couple with you all! Memories from these early days with your baby can get a bit fuzzy over time so its especially nice to look back on these types of images. The session can last a few hours (usually around 2) it all depends on how sleepy baby is. 

As for booking: let me know your due date and I will mark it in my diary. You then need to include me in the 'our baby has arrived' text and sometime in the next week I will make time for your session. 

Please note: Newborn sessions are such until baby is 8 weeks old. After this, they fall into the next category (below).

Older Babies
£150.00 for Weekends
£125.00 for Weekdays (term time only)

I can photograph your baby anywhere really! Be it on a blanket in the park or your garden, on your bed, in their cot - you name it. You just need to make sure they are fed and watered and I will do the rest!



£150.00 for Weekends
£125.00 for Weekdays (term time only)

We can go on location to capture your maternity images. Different backdrops allow us to get a variety of images so you'll have a good selection to choose your favourites from. If you would like your partner or children in some of the images we can do this too. 
If you would prefer to have the session in your home we can do this too. The priority is that you are comfortable and happy with your images. 




£150.00 for Weekends
£125.00 for Weekdays (term time only)


I cant lie, location shoots are my favourite. They create the most natural, amazing shots and nobody has to really try. The kids are happy exploring, parents are happy watching it happen - I just love it. I feel location shoots enable me to capture the best of you and for you to get the best from me!
It's great if you can all wear something that compliments each other. Please don't think you have to match, it would actually look a bit obvious if you all wore blue denim and white tops! And please avoid any logos. Thanks!

Please note: Families larger than 6 members are charged at £200.00. Please discuss at the time of booking.

At Home/Lifestyle
£150.00 for Weekends
£125.00 for Weekdays (term time only)


I am a natural light photographer so the shoot needs to take place in any room of your home which has the best light available.
Typical home shoots will be shot quite often in the Master Bedroom as the family can gather on the big bed and generally mess about. If possible the bedding needs to be neutral or plain. There are of course exceptions and I will work with what you have but if you have neutral
please have it ready to go!
Please make sure you have the everyday clutter that we all have lying around safely hidden anywhere you can! We need the focus of the images to be on you, not the pile of magazines and cables behind you. Imagine if you were trying to sell your home – what would you hide?
If you have a garden (and it isn’t raining!) it is nice to move into the garden.
I want to take pictures of your family doing things they enjoy so whilst we will stage some shots, it’s nice to capture the children playing, getting those natural smiles and faces of concentration.




As standard, all images remain the copyright of Nicola Streader Photography and as such Nicola Streader Photography is free to use any images to market and promote Nicola Streader Photography at any time. This includes social media promotion. If you have any queries or would like to discuss this please give me a bell or drop me a line.