Hampshire Wedding Photographer-13.jpg

<<<< This is me. Hating having my photo taken.

I am a Mumma to two amazing little ladies and wife to one lucky man ;) and what feels like a zoo but is actually just two dogs and a cat!

Things I love:

I love golden light and making photographs (obvs).
I also love new PJ’s, red wine and strong cheese.
I love cheesy TV too, like the X Factor and Love Island. Probably not cool to admit that but I like to keep it real.
I love to cook but am also partial to a Chinese takeaway when I can’t be arsed.
I love candles but am fussy on scent (my favourite is Lily Flames Fairy Dust, if you haven't had one, you must try it. This is also not a hint ;))
I love to holiday but I'm not sure if that’s because it makes me more appreciative of home when I return…there's nothing better than carpet after 2 weeks of sand in between your toes! I love New York, Venice and Florida. The bigger and faster the roller coasters the better.
I love the autumn and the colours it brings but Christmas tops it for me.
I love decorating the Christmas tree (I promise I don’t redo it when everyone else is at school/work).
I love Christmas Dinner and I like watching Christmas films early...early early.
I love music that evokes emotion. Whether it makes me want to dance or cry!
Oh and I love true crime. Documentaries and podcasts. Can’t get enough.

Things I don’t love:

I hate having my own photo taken (who doesn't really?) so I totally sympathise with couples who would be put off with a camera in their face. Lucky for you that's just not my style ;)
I hate getting wet (except for hygiene purposes you understand)
Artex (I am slowly renovating my reaaaaallly old house)
Pigeons (said old house has a protected tree. What comes with pigeons?)
Bad wine.
Muddy spaniel paw prints.
Not much else. I’m a lover not a hater ;)

I haven’t always been a kick arse Wedding Photographer. I used to work in mortgages and although I didn't love it, I met some life long friends and had a blast. When I had my kids I found a passion for photography. I started out shooting families (still do), I did a friends wedding (I don’t generally advise this!) and the rest is history.