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I specialise in the documentary, story telling style of wedding photography for couples that just want relaxed, natural and good time photos. I would say that I’m not your traditional photographer. I don’t tend to take close ups of your wedding rings on a leaf, I will cringe when the registrar tells you to hold your wedding hands up for your photographer (but I’ll take the shot anyway because I’m too polite).
I love the pretty, the cool, the quirky, the listed country estates, the indie pubs. I love to shoot people. And there is no better time to do that than a wedding. There is a whole spectrum of emotions that you go through on a wedding day and I love to capture it all. Be it the nerves as you get ready, the excitement as you walk down the aisle, the stupid faces you pull (you will) as you get covered in confetti to the slightly squiffy dance moves you’ll make. It’s the best day ever and I want my photography to build part of that experience for you. I’m all about the fun, the natural and keeping out of your face! Most of the time you won’t know I’m there and when you do, it’ll be like hanging with your mate who just happens to be an awesome photographer ;) You can see a lot of my work over on my blog.

why me?

Booking a wedding photographer can be a pretty daunting task. There are so many of us! You have to be so careful to choose a real professional and not someone who thinks a DSLR and photoshop is what makes a good photographer.

I have been shooting weddings since 2014 and have shot well over 100 weddings. It’s my full time job.

Wedding photography is in investment. You need to be able to trust me and my experience, but also my ability to help put you at ease so that when you stand in front of my camera on your Big Day, I get the very best of you.  

The most helpful advice I can offer you is book the photographer who's work you have connected with the most, who's work you just love. Hopefully that's me, but if not, choose that person! 


- What is your style? Have a good look around the site. Check a few blogs. It will give you the best insight into my style. It's mostly reportage. I will document your day as it unfolds. I am not to the type of photographer who expects you to build your day around me and the photos. But I would love take you off for half an hour to get those creative romantic portraits you're after, the 'framers' I guess. But you don’t have to! I will take your standard group shots of course, but will also look to capture the day in a relaxed and natural kind of way.

- Do you do engagement shoots? Yes I do, £100 if you're booking all day coverage, £150 if you book half day coverage

- Are you insured? Absolutely. Public, Professional, etc etc.

- How long before we get our pics? Up to 8 weeks in peak season.


Prices start from £800 for half a day coverage. Request a brochure for all the details.

All packages are inclusive of hand edited images (by me) in my signature style, provided on a password protected online gallery with free downloads, of course for you, but for whoever else you choose to share that password with. I also enclose a vegan leather pouch with 5 fine art prints.

Albums start at £400.

if you know, you know…how do we book?

Use the contact form. The main gist is you throw money at me (£250) and I’m yours forever*

*Not really forever


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