Thank you for taking the time to nosey around my website. If you've made it this far, I'll assume you like what you see! 
I love shooting weddings. Love love it. It's such a special day to be a part of. I love to catch the genuine moments of the day, the wink at the alter, the squeeze of a hand. It's not just my job it's my passion and I'm made up that you're considering asking me to capture your wedding.

Booking a wedding photographer can be a pretty daunting task though. It seems anyone with a decent camera is perceived to be a photographer these days. Which of course, is simply not true.

Wedding photography is in investment. The images from your wedding day will hopefully become one of your most treasured possessions. You need to be able to trust me, my experience, professionalism and my ability to help put you at ease so that when you stand in front of my camera on your Big Day, I get the very best of you.  

The most helpful advice I can offer you is book the photographer who's work you have connected with the most, who's work you just love. Hopefully that's me, but if not, choose that person! 
Budgets have to be respected of course but in years to come you won't remember how  much you paid for your wedding photographer. By booking the photographer that you love, you will ensure that every time you look at your images (show the kids, even the grandkids) you will smile and realise all over again, that you made the right investment. 

2018-2019 Pricing



- What is your style? Have a good look around the galleries on my site. Not just the wedding ones. It will give you the best insight into my style. It's mostly reportage. I will document your day as it unfolds. I am not to the type of photographer who expects you to build your day around me and the photos. But I would love take you off for half an hour to get those creative romantic portraits you're after, the 'framers' I guess. I will take your standard group shots of course, but will also look to capture the day in a very informal and natural kind of way. If you like what you see, that's enough for me! I'll edit each photo and decide whether it should be colour or black and white. 

- Do you do engagement shoots? Yes I do, £100 if you're booking all day coverage, £150 if you book half day coverage

- Do we need to feed you? If you book full day coverage then yes please! You don't want me passing out on the dance floor! 

- Are you insured? Absolutely. 

- How long before we get our pics? Up to 6 weeks in peak season.

- How do we book? Drop me an email. I'll send your a draft contract and if you're happy, you pay a £250 deposit and I'm yours. 

Albums start at £450
I strongly suggest you create an album of your images as soon as you get your USB. Sometimes digital files get lost and USB's won't last forever (remember the floppy disc?!) and although I will hold back ups of your final set for 2 years, when you're an old married couple and want to show the grandkids your wedding pics, you'll want a dusty album to dig out! You can create an album yourself from many online suppliers or you can have me do it for you. I have accounts with the best suppliers in the country. 

If you have spoken to Nicola Streader Photography and have an agreement for your wedding photography in place, you can make payments here. Accepted payments are for securing your date with a deposit or making the final balance payment. Please speak to Nicola before making using this option.