Hampshire Family Photographer - Bluebell Woods

So...I'll let you in on a little secret. I first shot this family 2 weeks prior to this at Itchen Valley Country Park. The commission was Spring Bluebells. Sure the Bluebells were pretty, but they were quite sparse. At least, photographically anyway. It was also sunny, the light was a little harsh. Anyway, we made the best of it and I got to work editing. I captured some lovely images of these impeccably behaved sisters. But. I just wasn't satisfied. I wanted the family to love the images, not just think they were 'nice'. I may be my own worst critic but I took to my email to see if they were up for a re-shoot at Micheldever Wood. Sometimes, there is no compromise! Luckily, they were free on the day and we headed on over. It was so worth it. I love these images. The rain held off and the girls were amazing again. I hope the family love them. And you too!  

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