Hampshire Wedding Photographer - Simkins Wedding at The Philly

Claire & Lee - June 2014
Bournemouth Town Hall, The Filley Inn (Lyndhurst)
When Claire and Lee first got engaged they quickly began planning their wedding which seemed to only get bigger and bigger with every day...until Christmas 2013 when they admitted to each other that the wedding was now so far removed from what they actually wanted and promptly cancelled the lot and started again. They wanted an informal, personal day to share with family and the closest of friends. Nothing stuffy, no cake cutting (they didn't get away with this though!), no first dance, no head table...you get the picture. 
The day was a massive success, everyone had a beautiful day, the bride looked stunning (can you spot the 'bump'?), even the predicted continuous heavy rain and thunder stayed away :) 

Lovely people, so happy for them. Congratulations you two. x