Hampshire Wedding Photographer - The Asylum, London

This amazing wedding will always be special for me, for so many reasons. The lovely couple who, despite not having met me (due to logistics) welcomed me with open arms and provided many laughs. The stunning Asylum wedding venue (what photographer doesn't want to shoot here?!) It was the first wedding I took my husband along to as my Assistant and we had a very rare night away without the kids. Supping wine from beakers on the train up the night before! The feeling I get when I am in London excites me. It makes me feel like I'm part of the real, big world and that possibilities are endless.  
This couple and their friends and family knew love. They knew style. And they knew how to bloody party! If it wasn't for said children I would have been at the after party! Seems a bit belated now since your April wedding but CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks so much for having me along. I definitely won't forget it xx