Tournerbury Woods Wedding / Rabya & Matt

It was a beaut!

This was a beautiful beautiful day. From the inside out. A perfect merging of two awesome families.

Sometimes when you shoot a wedding, you are made to feel so welcome that within no time you are being fed, hugged, and ribbed as if you are just another member of the family. That's how Matt & Rabs family made me feel. And when you feel like that, shooting the wedding becomes even more of a joy. You get down on the floor, you have a laugh and bring out the best of the family. Everyone is relaxed. 
When you combine that with the amazing venue that is Tournerbury Woods Estate, awesome suppliers and good weather? Well, that's just perfect. from beginning to the end, which saw the newly weds drive off in style in the family heirloom ;) 
Matt & Rab thank you so much for having me. It was such a pleasure to document your special day. 
If you're planning your wedding at Tournerbury Woods Estate and need a Hampshire wedding photographer - don't hesitate to get it touch, I'd bloody love to be part of it! 
- Supplier love and planning info at the end of the post... Here are a small selection of images....

Second Shooter: Natasha Jay Photography


Dress: Designed by Rabya and made by 'Revaaj by Khan Variety' (Revaaj based in Pelham, Birmingham and Khan Variety based in Pakistan), using a material known as Kaem Hoarb, which is a very old fashioned material used in the mogul times. The material was purpose made with that specific colour and pattern - gold metal thread woven with pure grey silk.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Designed by Rabya and made by 'Revaaj by Khan Variety'.

Florist: By Jessica Khan-Dar aka chief bridesmaid and sister inlaw. Rabya & Jess went to the flower market in Vauxhall in the months leading up to the wedding to hunt for all the types of colours and shapes that Rabya liked. They did a trial that day, but what Jess made on the day was even better.

Make-up artist: Sanaa Malik, Rabya's Cousin.  Rap actually bought Sanaa her first make up kit and taught her how to use it. Since then she has pursued it as a hobby and trained with MAC and now does do makeup for Asian bridals and fashion shoots. Regardless of all this, she was very nervous about doing Rab's make up for the day, but she did a beautiful job and made Rab feel radiant.

Hair Stylist: Martha Noble, the sister of Sister in law Jessica's Sister. Martha has such a talent for doing hair, and traveled all the way down from the Lake District to get to Tourerbury early enough to do it.

Ceremony Venue & Reception Venue: Tournerbury Cottage

Music: 'Fugitive Orchestra' is a one man band who is James Tattington

Cake: Fondant Fizz (by Clair Williams). Rab & Cali used to work for the same company. Amazingly tasty 3 tier - Lemon, vanilla with strawberry jam filling and double chocolate.

Caterers: Preeti Catering based in Southall. All round really helpful too and coordinating things on the day. Traditional Punjabi food. Street style for the outdoor lunch.

Mocktail bar: Nyama Catering

Bridesmaids Dresses: Designed by Rabya and made by 'Revaaj by Khan Variety'.

Dhol player: The Complete Toastmaster (aka Asian wedding toastmaster)

Garden games: J.W.Bouncy castles

Paper Lanterns: To Have and To Hire