My Natural Light Studio - Baby Sitter Sessions

So it’s been apparent to me for a while that my style and approach to photography kind of discounts a really rather amazing stage of a baby’s life. They stage they are so cute, sometimes chubby and just so angelic! The time that they are unable to walk around the woods but they are able to sit. This is referred to in the photography world as being a “sitter”.
I recently moved home and it was then that I realised that the space in the back of my new house could really work as a natural light studio. I know I didn’t just want an empty white box to work in. I wanted it to be natural and after seeking inspiration for a concept online, I came up with…well basically what you’re about to see!
For this to work baby needs to have lots of skin on show to contrast with the bright background. The focus is really all about the baby.
I love the shots we got of little Harrison. Just gorgeous! If you’d like to book in for one of these sessions scroll to the end for all the info.

Introductory Sitter Sessions - £99

  • 30 minutes

  • Baby will need to be partially clothed. So nappy pants for little girls, chino shorts or similar for boys. I’m happy to discuss your ideas. The emphasis is on very natural and pure.

  • Shoot takes place at my home, SO15 8NY.

  • Around 20 images provided on an online gallery for downloading with print and sharing rights.

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