Jack & Carley's New Forest Sunset Engagement Shoot

You may (or may not) have read from the sneak peeks I posted on social media last week that Carley and I have known each other for 15 years (makes us sound super old!). We worked at the same mortgage company. We were young (really young), carefree, partied a lot and basically rode the property boom of the noughties and had a bloody good time doing it!
We’ve stayed intermittently in touch, she took photos of my teenies, I took photos of hers. Facebook makes things easy. But it’s only since we have both started being full time photographers over the last few years that we have been regularly on hand for questions, rants, second shooting, career celebrations and everything else that goes with being self employed! Five children between us, 15 years and lot of bloody pictures later brought us to the New Forest one sunny evening because Jack finally popped the question (sorry Jack!) and we just had to document this milestone in the only way we know how. Anyway - I hope you enjoy the images. We had a giggle making them (me and wild ponies don’t mix!).
Many congratulations on your engagement you two. I wish you continue to live a life of happiness x